Who & What's Behind your K9 Kit? Discover the DNA of your product.

In today’s economy where overnight shipping is the standard, and a few Amazonian type institutions rule the roost, we tend to lose sight of the actual companies and  individuals who make the products they distribute. Now when we’re talking about 2-ply toilet paper, laundry detergent, or any other type commodity purchase, not knowing the company isn’t a big deal.  But when it comes to providing life-saving equipment for you or your K9, knowing who makes your product, and how it’s made becomes a big frigg’n deal, or at least it should!

As a K9 handler trying to negotiate the best of the best as it relates to K9 tactical vestsparachute jump bags, or quick release muzzles; knowing what kind of attention is being paid to the hardware, the stitching, or the application of the equipment becomes paramount when parachute jump bagdetermining where to spend your hard earned dough. At Recon K9, every single item and every aspect of the company must funnel through one person, that’s right, ME; Jason Watson, the CEO of Recon K9 LLC. I began developing K9 gear in 2005 in the pet industry, which lead to the creation of Dublin Dog Co in 2007, a dog products company that specialized in waterproof, and stink-proof collars, leashes, etc. What began as a one-man band, lead to the development of over 350 SKUs, global distribution, and a real knack for listening to what our customers wanted.

 In 2012 I joined Remington Arms as the Director of K9 for both sporting dogs and defense applications which lead to my first meeting with USASOC. There I was tasked with meeting the K9 unit, listening to what wasn’t working with their kit from an existing vendor and then finding a solution to make it better. It appears to have worked; and guess what? They loved their product! Why? Because it was their product, they told me exactly what they needed to make their K9 vest work for them and I was just smart enough to listen and take copious notes. They were the expert on what they wanted, not me. When it’s your baby, it’s the prettiest in the room. 

At Recon K9, we pride ourselves on being customer centric, meaning every product we build get’s initiated and incubated through our existing customer base in the law enforcement, military, and federal defense sectors. We spend countless hours, drawing, sampling, and strength testing our kit, and I personally oversee all of those tests, those design meetings, and the interface with the customer. Recon Factory FloorIf you want to meet with Recon K9 to talk about product, I will personally ensure that I’m there to meet with you. That’s how important you and your ideas are to us. I want to be able to look you in the eye and make a commitment to quality that I know will be adhered to. When we fail or disappoint our customers, I am the guy you can blame; I take full responsibility for not getting it 100% right.  Even though our primary facility has over 200 professional tactical sewers, and we source mil-spec, berry compliant hardware and materials from over 75 different supply sources, if a zipper OTB Amphibious Assault Ruckpops, a piece of hook and loop tears, I’m responsible. No matter if it’s as simple as a long line or agitation collar, or as complex as our OTB amphibious assault ruck, or operator tactical K9 vest, everything that ends up in a handler’s kit requires the same attention to detail.

So if when you call Recon K9 you get me, Jason Watson then let’s have a chat. It’s vitally important that you have the utmost confidence in the kit you put on your working dog, the effort and materials that go into that piece of equipment and a POC that you know you can speak to about what you like, what you need, and what needs some oversight. As our tagline says, “Find Your Way”. We’ve found ours; our way is to make excuse-free product at the highest caliber. When we succeed, you succeed during your shift, throughout your deployment, and on your track.