About Us

Consumer Enthusiast

Handlers that want to take their training to another level through organizations like Schutzhund, Mondioring, and K9 Pro Sports. Recon K9 works with civilian teams dedicated to tracking and search and rescue who benefit from our products.

Law Enforcement

Recon K9 supports our Nation’s men and women of law enforcement from urban environments to protecting our borders. Law Enforcement takes on many different roles, and we’ve built our line to meet those ever changing demands.


Tailored to the various branches of our military as well as private contractors and the Department of Defense. Our products are built to meet and exceed the most stringent demands of the military working dog, regardless of the conditions they find themselves in. Need custom solutions? Not a problem, rapid prototyping, in field testing, and r&d is a Recon K9 specialty. It's YOUR path, we'll help get you there.

From the Founder

Thank you for taking the time to consider our K9 kit for your working dog. I have dedicated myself to creating unique and specialized gear for dogs since 2006 when I started the Dublin Dog Co for consumer pet and sporting dogs. I had the privilege of selling that business to Remington Outdoor Co, one of the Nation's oldest gun manufacturers in 2012. It was there I was introduced to Remington Defense and the specialized canine gear required by our men and women in uniform. Since that time, I have designed, created, and fielded kit to every branch of the military, and countless law enforcement and defense agencies. It's both my pleasure and honor to work with you and the working dogs that keep our Nation safe.