Helping 501C(3)'s get more Bite for their Buck

Recon K9 is committed to several key principals, those being to provide the best quality canine tactical equipment available on the market today, while also helping the handlers and K9s that need it the most, get access to it. 

Recon wants to reach out to those 501C(3) non-profit organizations who are seeking to outfit K9's with top quality equipment yet only have a certain budget and thus are trapped buying inferior or perhaps even dangerous kit for these handlers who are putting their lives and the lives of their K9s in jeopardy. Recon K9 will work with those organizations to come up with the necessary gear and equipment needed by these local departments who can use it the most. While we do create state of the art NIJ rated ballistic K9 vests, we are most well known for our focus on tactical, multi-purpose canine vests that can be worn through every shift, and in just about every situation. These vests such as the Recon K9 Dagger, or Operator are known for their versatility. These dog vests can be used for fast roping, attaching camera systems, hoisting, tracking, and much more. We appreciate that departments need to keep their dog's safe, and ballistic and spike rated vests are a great choice, however if only one piece of equipment can be purchased due to budget constraints, sometimes a tactical vest is the way to go in order to get the most use out of the donated dollar.   We simply ask those organizations seeking assistance to please send us their 501C(3) certification and we'll offer the best possible price available on all of our gear. Sometimes training equipment like bite pillows, hidden sleeves, tugs, or muzzles are necessary but just not feasible with the limited department funds.

We encourage the public to reach out to their local K9 teams within their community and simply ASK what they need the most. Often times, it could be food, grooming supplies, or toys and not just the expensive tactical or ballistic vests. Recon K9 got into this business because of our passion to help the men and women who handle, train, and are committed to Working Dogs as part of their daily operations. We don't want to make good K9 gear, we want to make the BEST K9 gear available in the market, domestically and abroad. 

 The Working Dog world can be a divisive bunch, with an opinion on just about everything, including how WRONG you are. However, there is one thing that the community always agrees on, which is to get the deserving men & women who handle and train dogs the equipment they need to perform their jobs to the best of their ability. Recon K9 will trim our margins to the bare bones in order to help those folks and organizations who are raising funds to do just that.  We applaud your efforts and would be privileged to support you and your community with cost effective gear of the highest caliber.