Recon K9 checks their ego at the door

My name is Jason Watson and I'm the founder & designer behind Recon K9. I have been building dog products since 2006 when I started the Dublin Dog Co, a consumer pet line dedicated to the active & adventurous dog owner. That process led to 6 patents & the creation of the Original All Style, No Stink dog collar. Dublin Dog Booth Five years after my launch, I was approached by Remington Arms, one of the largest and oldest gun manufacturers in the United States who was looking to build out their sporting dog line. As such, they acquired Dublin Dog and me in the process to help bring that goal to life.

Remington Arms became the Remington Outdoor Company and I continued to focus on lifestyle driven canine product sales for both consumers and sportsmen & women alike. It was about that time when I was referred by our Remington Defense team to USASOC, or United States Army Special Ops Command who was looking for an alternative to their existing Military Working Dog (MWD) tactical vest. Not having any history working with the military I embarked to listen to every need they had, every want, and every reason for wanting it that way. After several beers outside of base, and several pages of notes and scribbles, I set off to make their desires a reality. That was the catalyst for me starting Remington K9, our defense oriented canine division for military and law enforcement. During my discovery of building products I came upon Capewell Aerial Systems in VA who allowed me to prototype some designs with their technical sewers. The result was a vest that not only met my customer's needs, but was truly purpose built, specifically for the goals of USASOC. Word quickly spread to many other Spec Op teams throughout the community both domestically and abroad and I developed a reputation for building according to mission specific needs, to listen to my customer and to fully understand why things needed to be a certain way. When Remington moved their operation to Alabama I was offered the opportunity to transition my product line to Capewell Aerial Systems and to start a brand new division (Capewell K9) there where I was the K9 program manager and head of sales and marketing. 

I'm proud to say that the evolution of listening to my customers has led to a product line that will stand shoulder to shoulder against anything on the market. There is no ego for me in this game as can often be the case for all those who know the K9 world well. We're a proud group, we're passionate about our profession and the calling we were given to handle these animals. However for me, I check my ego at the door when I visit you. You're the expert, you're the one who knows how and why you handle your working dog the way you do. It's my job to determine how to make a product that not only fits that need, but enhances your ability to work your dog the way you desire.

So now it's time to set my own path, which is where the name Recon K9 spawned from. My goal is to help my clients navigate through all the noise out there and to gather as much intel as possible about their needs for their dog. Every product I create has been the genesis of dozens upon dozens of hours of feedback, trials, and testing. My products are purpose built and are constructed with the DNA of my customers. How can I help you?