Recon K9 Endorses The Dog Wizard LLC for their efforts in helping those in uniform become business owners

Recon K9 is officially endorsing The Dog Wizard LLC  for their commitment to helping retired military and law enforcement personnel own their own mobile dog training business. 

The Dog Wizard is currently the 3rd largest mobile dog training franchise in the United States, and they're committed to being the best, not necessarily the largest. Gretchen Hollifield, their CEO said, "We want to approach dog training the right way, not the fastest way. Our balanced dog training approach focuses on the dog in front of you, allowing the trainer to use a large toolbox of skill sets to bring about the best results vs. just using one tool to solve all issues."

The Dog Wizard is finding success in working with folks who have previous K9 handling skills either as a trainer or handler from the military and law enforcement community. Philipi "Mountain" Sanz and business partner Don Miller are both former Marines who have gone into business together and operate The Dog Wizard Virginia Beach, VA. Through financing arranged through The Dog Wizard, these gentlemen are able to find purpose with their skills while making a living doing work that's important to them. 


To say that The Dog Wizard wants to disrupt the dog training world is an understatement as is clearly being demonstrated in all areas of their curriculum. They offer an online learning academy that has over 40 hours of training, philosophy, theory, and practical tests and assessments. Once that is completed, trainers/owners are required to go through their first two-week hands on course through one of their qualified training locations nationwide. After mastering those skills in the field, trainers then go through a second, more advanced set of trainings that last another 2 weeks. These training courses focus not only on dog training, they also focus on what it takes to run a business, how to balance your books and create Quickbook or other accounting ledgers, how to market both at the grassroots level as well as through social media and paid internet campaigns. 

"Our goal is to reach out to that community who has served our country, be it through the various branches of our military, or the brave men and women who protect us daily through law enforcement. These folks are ideal dog trainers and business owners because they know what commitment is all about and working for a greater cause. In our case, it's strengthening the bond between the pet and their owner, while also allowing the franchisee to build a life and career that they get to define." says Grant Reeves the CFO of The Dog Wizard, and also CEO of Dock Dogs.

At Recon K9, we're committed to turning out the absolute best working dog equipment available, without cutting corners, skimping on materials, or taking the easy path forward, which is why we endorse The Dog Wizard. They too are committed to doing things the right way and helping individuals who want to work with dogs realize that dream in a truly meaningful way. In addition to traditional pet training, they offer programs in tracking, odor work, reactive/aggression cases, and so much more. 

For more information, reach out to learn how you could become a Wizard yourself. Interested parties call 704-497-3319 and Lorrayne Hurley, the Director of Franchise Sales will be happy to assist you.