Recon K9 Goes Prime Time

The secret is out. Recon K9 hits the airwaves on NBC affiliate WCNC out of Charlotte, NC, Recon's hometown headquarters. The premise of the piece was to showcase the diversity of how canines are used throughout the military, law enforcement, and defense agencies. While many civilians understand the use of dogs with police, they really have an extremely limited perspective of what that means. The goal of the NBC producer was to help provide a glimpse of how dogs are used, and how companies like Recon K9 focus on that niche market to provide the most specialized gear available to these incredible assets.

 Officer Jordan Sheldon In the wake of the tragic murder of police officer and K9-handler Jordan Harris Sheldon of Mooresville Police Dept, a suburb of Charlotte, it was imperative to Recon K9 CEO Jason Watson to help spread the word to the public on how they can help. "Our local police departments have limited budgets, and limited resources. We want to help the public in finding ways to support their local agencies. Many times officers don't need a ballistic vest for their dogs, sometimes it's as simple as getting a new kennel, or an everyday tracking vest, etc. The point is, if you want to help your local police K9 team, simply ask them what they need." Backing up his statement, Watson offered discounts to civilians who want to purchase gear for their local departments. "This isn't about profits at this point, this is about getting the gear these officers need while supporting our well intentioned civilians who want to do the right thing" Watson stated. 

The clip was aired this July and included K9 trainer and decoy Matt Godwin of DNA K9 along with Huntersville K9 officer Eric Johnston.