Recon K9 is all Twisted Up over new Bite Suit

For over a year and a half now I've been working on developing a new, lighter, more responsive bite suit, made right here in the USA. Bite suits are a lot like custom tailored suits in that most folks know how they like their cut, how they want it to drape, and how it has to fit. However the choices have been fairly limited. There are several standouts that we're all aware of that hail from throughout Europe, and then there are quite a few that simply copy those designs for the most part, yet they offer a faster, often more affordable version of the originals. Both have their place for sure. 

With all of that said, I can't count the number of times I'm asked if "we" would ever build a suit....and then I get a list of 4-18 things it needs to include. It needs to be lighter, stronger, "you need to feel the bite, but be thin enough to move without restriction and not get hurt". "I can't go into work the next day and not be able to lift my arm."

So enter Science, Technology, and a whole lot of very smart people. I began working with a team of textile engineers to find out exactly what makes up some of the legendary suits out there. Once those fibers were identified I began adding supplemental fibers of yarn and composites to make it more flexible, more dynamic, and allow the type of stretch or "give" necessary to allow a decoy to move as close as possible as one would in the field. Finally through a series of finishing treatments, approximately six of them, we also made it anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. There's nothing worse than putting on a suit slathered in dog spit, human sweat, and then throw in a little blood and you've got one ripe suit. 

Finally comes the cut. Oh and let me tell you how many folks have an opinion about  that.....go ahead, take a guess... That's right, everybody! However consulting with designers that are in the performance sports world coupled with folks in the K9 decoy arena we've ended up with a design that really hits home on allowing a decoy to get down to business while covering his ass, literally. It's new, it's chaining up the rules, and it's developed, constructed, sewn, and produced here in the USA...right down to the fiber. Suits will start to ship early 2019.