Recon K9 partners with Aspetto to develop next generation tactical K9 gear

Recon K9 is proud to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with Fredericksburg, VA based Aspetto, one of the nation’s premier manufacturers of ballistic-resistant clothing and wearable armor technologies.

Jason Watson, founder and CEO of Recon K9 said, “We’re thrilled to be able to leverage the dynamic manufacturing capabilities of Aspetto as we look to push the envelope when it comes to tactical K9 equipment. There are far too many “me too” companies in this industry that keep spitting out the same products in different colors. Together with Aspetto we hope to change the landscape of highly engineered K9 equipment for military, defense, and law enforcement agencies.”

Aspetto has been innovating in the tactical equipment and ballistic clothing vertical since 2012, winning many impressive multi-million dollar contracts throughout various military and federal agencies. In October of 2020, Aspetto launched their brand new innovation and rapid prototyping division which has already engaged with the Recon K9 design team on the design and development of new accessories, various locking mechanisms, and counter-balancing foam inserts to enhance payload stability on the back of the working dog. Aspetto CEO, Abbas Haider stated “Having the ability to rapidly design and develop truly innovative solutions for these working dogs and their handlers gives Recon a first mover advantage. We’re excited to expand our capabilities into this dynamic canine environment, it’s going to be fun”. 

DT Alpha modular K9 vest

One of the first projects that Recon K9 and Aspetto have collaborated on is the highly anticipated DT Alpha K9 vest. The DT, or Dermal Tac vest implies the vest being a tactical "second skin" for the working dog with streamlined contours, hydrophobic materials, and laser cut relief patterns through the kit. This modular tactical K9 vest allows the handler to apply a ballistic coverlet in seconds using magnetic guides built into the top of the vest. In a time when law enforcement agencies are facing tighter budgets, Recon has eliminated the need to buy multiple vests. Watson explains, “with the DT Alpha, the handler can purchase the primary chassis if you will which would be the daily wear vest allowing for complete control and mobility of the working dog. However, when the circumstances present themselves, the handler can quickly don the ballistic coverlet without ever having to remove the primary vest while keeping the control handles and attachment points accessible at all times.” Watson hopes to partner with many of the non-profits that currently focus on providing ballistic vests for canines to consider these coverlets, allowing them to outfit much greater numbers for far less money. Aspetto COO, Robert Davis expressed “working with Recon K9 on the DT Alpha has been an eye-opening experience for our entire team. Seeing everything these dogs are capable of is really extraordinary and I’m proud of our team for their

DermalTac Alpha K9 Vestefforts and collaboration in helping make these K9s a force multiplier for the men and women in uniform. We hope this innovation is the first of many with our new partner.”

The DT Alpha was recently showcased at the Blueline K9 conference in St. Louis, and then 2 weeks later at the Ohio Tactical Officers Association in Sandusky, OH to much acclaim. Pre-orders of the vest will begin in July with the first shipments taking place in August.

 About Aspetto

Named one of America’s fastest-growing companies by Forbes Magazine, Aspetto is a leader in enterprise Information Technology, defense, engineering and apparel solutions. Aspetto’s products and services have been leveraged by the United States Department of Defense, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of State, and Department of Homeland Security, as well as numerous state, local and commercial entities.