Recon K9 wants to bring your ideas to life

At Recon K9, we have forged our path through the working dog world using a compass that navigates on the principals of acute listening, being detail driven, and a willingness to fail countless times in the pursuit of perfection. The result is a series of products that we can be confident in, knowing they can withstand the harshest conditions and the most discerning canine handlers.Find Your Way
 My personal journey of designing and manufacturing dog products started in 2006, when I quit my “Real Job” to pursue my Real Passion. Within 9 months I started my first company called The Dublin Dog Co. After successfully growing that business to over 1,700 retailers in 13 countries, I sold that company to Remington Arms (now Remington Outdoor Co), a 200+ year old American icon. While I continued to run the Dublin Dog Co, I also started a new K9 division for Remington Defense, called RK9 in 2014. Working for the multi-billion dollar company had its advantages in that I had some freedom to explore what’s possible as my access to resources was significant and the bank roll, well it wasn’t my own. While it was an amazing experience, I knew that ultimately I wanted to run my own company again and call my own shots.

Today, I use my varied experience from manufacturing, high-tech, and over 25 years of sales and marketing experience to run Recon K9. However, I don’t want to stop at making great working dog products for Recon K9 only, as I’m only one
person with one perspective. I want to hear YOUR IDEAS, to help you leverage your knowledge and experience as a K9 handler or trainer and transform those ideas into the next great K9 product. Recon K9 is in the process of becoming an Innovation Incubator for individuals who have great ideas related to the working dog world, but might need some assistance in navigating the nuances of bringing a product to life, and then ultimately to the marketplace. Having a good idea that you’re committed to is step #1. There are tons of people that will tell you “it’s already been done, it won’t ever work”, or your own personal self-doubt that says “you don’t know what you’re doing so don’t even start”. That’s normal and to be expected. If it was that easy to bring a product to market, we’d all be entrepreneurs. The reality is, it does take some experience, some hard questions and research, and a test market that can help guide and strengthen those ideas into something that has been forged through the three T’s:  time, testing, and tweaking.

The Process will be fairly simple: Connect with Jason Watson, the founder of Recon K9 and sign up for a 6-week mentoring course designed to get that idea out of your head and onto the development board. You’ll go through the vetting process to learn about possible manufacturing processes available, evaluate cost analysis, and gain access to some of the top canine operators in the world from Special Forces, US Secret Service, and prominent law enforcement agencies nationally to help field test and evaluate your product. It has taken years for me to gain the trust and respect of these teams and agencies, and they’re committed and excited to see what new innovations may be coming to the market.  If you decide to move forward with manufacturing, Recon will provide you our sales platform and our tremendous following both on social and via our website to feature your products on what will be called our COMPASS COLLECTION. This collection will feature website. The compass collection allows you to get a coveted spot in the Compass Group, while taking the burden of having to warehouse your products, or delve into the world of shipping and logistics. We’ll take care of all of that for you, while truly working with you as a partner and collaborator. After proving you access to our network of customers and followers, we’ll mutually agree to see if you prefer to keep your products in our rotation, or spin off on your own solo adventure. There are no wrong answers, in fact our own mantra at Recon K9 is “Find Your Way”. That may be to keep your day job and get some passive income selling your products to a highly active market, or perhaps you want to take your passion into something much more. Our goal is simply to help get you there, and once there make the effort worth your time.  There is no better time to take control over your destiny or your ideas. Step one is to act, and act now so that your future is set and your goals identified.