We PAY for what you SAY

What is UGC?

There is a growing trend in the world of blogging called UGC, or User Generated Content. At Recon K9, we are big supporters of this concept as we are well aware of how polarizing the topics of dog training, or just about any topic related to dogs can be. We get it, we're all very passionate about dogs, the training of dogs, the kit the dog's use in their daily work or sport, nutrition, etc. However, rather than bashing one another in a social media slug fest, we at Recon K9 would like to cut through some of that clutter to determine if there are ideas, theories, or concepts that could be shared to our followers and fans on things that could be applied to their own journey. 

We're the first to realize that all topics are subject to controversy, however at the same time, those hot-button topics can lead to some really great knowledge. We're interested in hearing about techniques, problem solving solutions, ideas for kit that is needed in the field, or scenario based training that proved successful for you and your team. Historically, Recon K9 has specialized in K9 equipment for Tier One Teams, creating very specific gear based on a certain requirements or mission profiles that need something special. Those products always begin with discussions, ideas, concepts, LISTENING and then prototyping. The experts are the men and women working the dogs in those extreme environments and scenarios. Our job is to listen and then act on that feedback. Through that process we are now building state of the art K9 gear for law enforcement, federal agencies, ring sport applications, while we continue to evolve our offering for MWDs.

Money where our EARS are!

We want to pay you for your content, for your ideas, your knowledge, and even your questions in our new Customer Spotlight. For every article that's written and accepted, we'll provide you a $75.00 gift certificate towards the Recon K9 store. That's right, we want content, topics, product suggestions, etc that are important to you and our community of handlers, trainers, and enthusiasts. Have a background in SAR? We want to hear about it. Have a video that shows the Do's and Dont's of
 hidden sleeve work? SHARE IT. We pay for what you have to say. You're the expert in our our eyes, this is your journey and our goal is to help you #FindYourWay.



Articles should be at least 300 words long, but not a novel. We can publish your original (no plagiarizing) content on our blog as well as in our newsletters. We'll choose a minimum of two articles a month to feature in our Spotlight. And hey, it could bring some new eyeballs to your team, department, facility, or unique way of thinking. It's totally up to you. You're the BOSS here. SEND YOUR ARTICLE TO INFO@RECONK9.COM, and thanks for sharing.