When the Obstacle is the WAY

During these uncertain times that we're facing not only within our country, but our entire planet due to the Covid-19 corona virus we need to refocus and realign our approach. As with any mission or fluid situation you get called out to, you are acutely aware of how quickly the dynamics can change and you must respond accordingly, often in the blink of an eye.

Last weekend I finished the book "The Obstacle is the Way" by Ryan Holiday which spells out how we can all find triumph through adversity. One of the quotes that I The Obstacle is the Wayheard that caused me to stop and write it down was "Failure shows us the way by showing us what's not the way". Here at Recon K9 we have an obsession with providing the highest caliber equipment to K9 handlers both domestically and abroad. While we have always been known for our berry compliant, mil-spec rated K9 tactical vests and highly specialized equipment, we let our enthusiasm push us into the development of more commodity type products such as agitation collars, leather leashes, and tugs. While we really enjoy making these products, they do not elicit the same zest or passion we have for creating truly unique canine equipment of the highest order that you can't find with other suppliers. In essence, we lost focus on our target, that target being to become the best USA-made specialized canine equipment provider in the world. We don't have dreams or aspirations of being all things to all people, rather we want to be the absolute right thing for the right people. When it comes to Federal, Military, and Law Enforcement your kit must perform, it must withstand the harshest of environments, and it MUST NOT FAIL you or your team. That's why I originally got into this business. It was never about profits or notoriety, it was about being a respected brand, make that THE MOST respected brand among top K9 handlers globally because of the effort, attention to detail and reliability of the canine equipment we produce. 

I started developing K9 equipment in 2006 for my first pet-focused K9 company called Dublin Dog Co. That company was eventually sold to Remington, one of our Nation's oldest & largest gun manufacturers. There I was introduced to Remington Defense and had the opportunity to interface with USASOC (United States Army Special Operations Command). I was able to design a tactical vest that met their needs, Remington K9 vestand through that successful delivery was introduced to a series of other groups and teams, folks I now get to call my customers. Now in 2020, I have started and own Recon K9 working on the same principals that brought me here in the first place, by listening to the needs and wants of my customer. You are the designers and engineers of this product line. Your experience, your history, and your feedback is the DNA that holds each thread in place throughout our lineup of products. 

Times have changed, and the corona virus will have a lasting impact on the way business is done, how our economy reacts, and what we prioritize in our daily lives. With that said, Recon K9 will start a systematic process of eliminating all superfluous K9 gear that doesn't hold true to what we stand for, which is to create canine equipment of the highest order for our customers. There are tons of companies out there that can supply general canine equipment and bite equipment that will get you sorted out. We will spend our time and capitol resources to focus on designing and delivering mission critical kit with a focus on tactical vests, and highly specialized gear like our parachute jump bags, our magnetic retrieval devices, and other ground breaking deliverables that are currently under development.Recon parachute bag  So be on the lookout for some great deals on a variety of products currently found on the Recon K9 website. Once these items have sold out, they will most likely no longer be available. We have Refound our way if you will and we're committed to not getting lost again. Now it's time to Find Your Way and we hope to see you along that path.